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I'd like to tell you what the these products and my wonderful wife have done for me.

The Problem
A few years ago I weighed 246 pounds. For my height this was considered 57 pounds overweight according to the BMI (Body Mass Index). I was always tired and I was having problems with frequent heartburn. My doctor told me that I was at risk of developing type 2 diabetes and that I should change my diet (by eating lower glycemic index foods) and begin exercising to resolve my problems. Exercise has never been my forte and that was one of the last things I wanted to do. I was just too plain tired and resolved that my declining health was just my destiny. In addition, since I was overweight, my feet would hurt if I walked longer than 10 minutes.

The New Solution
About 4 years ago I was gifted with Ageless. I didn't notice anything right away so stopped taking it after about 2 weeks. My wife, Jeanette, had noticed, however, that I was less stressed out while taking the Ageless and without taking it I was moody and difficult to live with. We realized that I had a better disposition while taking the Agless so she convinced me that I should start taking it again.Steve's Before and After
After a few weeks, I started noticing that I was not as tired and could focus more at work. Other people around me started noticing as well. I soon realized that I had more energy and no longer needed my daily cup of latte in the morning (the coffee was not helping).

It wasn't long after taking Ageless that I decided to start taking brief walks during break time at work. I would have never done this without getting the "kick start" that the Ageless was providing me.

From there, things just started getting better. Soon I decided to start bike riding after work. My wife then introduced me to MetaGreens which gave me more energy during my rides. My 1 mile short rides turned into 5 then 10 and then 20 miles. The weight started coming off which made me feel better and even more motivated.

Over the months, the weight was coming off, but it seemed to go very slow. Being the impatient person I am, I wanted to accelerate the results.

Again, my wife came to the rescue by putting me on the Inthinity program. With those products, and continuing cycling, the weight loss accelerated.

And Now

Steve Now

Well here I am now about 4 years later 60 pounds lighter and feeling GREAT! My bouts with heartburn went away, my feet no longer hurt, I have more mental focus, better energy and an overall better outlook on life. I feel 20 years younger. My doctor was amazed when I went to see him for my annual checkup and all of my tests now showed normal.

As a healthy 53 year old, I now take many of these products and now I'll never be without them.

Thank You!

Special thanks to my wife for having the love for me to encourage to me take these wonderful products!

I would love it if you could also share in my success!

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